Foldable Drones,how Does Marten Think(Said From The Drone Hobbyist )?

- Jul 07, 2017 -


To have a Foldable drone means freedom. I mean you can take it with you everywhere. It takes the space of a bottle of water. The weight of the drone is very light. You can take it on a walk in its bag. Preparing for flight takes less time than a bigger drone, which you have to take out of the bag, put the propellers and the propeller guards, just for a little time of flight.

I think there is a great future for Foldable drones. People will take them on holidays, because they just fit in the bag and they are so easy to take with you in the cabin of the airplane. Just imagine with a large drone, you should check the drone in and pay for extra luggage. And then starts the nervousness about how you will get it back from the plane. Will it be broken. It is such a hassle taking a big drone with you. You should already buy a hard suitcase for it. This you don't have with Foldable drone. The bag could be indeed a hard bag on the outside, but it is not bigger than a camera bag.

What I don't think is that all drones are going to be Foldable. Really professional drones, which are used on movie, agriculture, tv, etc. they will stay as they are. Though they are Foldable as much as they can be. They need to be, as they have to be moved fast in little vans to all kinds of places for the companies to do their work.

Foldable drones for consumer ends will in the end take over the market of the conventional drones. Well, there will always be people that will want to “show off” with their big drone. But practical is different. People will want to have little portable drones to make videos and photos. Advantages are that everyone will be “in the picture”, also the one managing the camera.

As more and more Foldable drones will have GPS and altitude hold, it is very easy to put the drone in a kind of tripod mode, so it won't move of its place and make a video of all the family at a party, for example. With the following mode it is possible that the drone will follow you when you are taking a walk or you are taking a ride on your bike or motorcycle.

People will use their drones for all kinds of events. I can even imagine with orbiting mode, you could show your house, that you want to sell and place the video on a website. Many people will have a look to the video and nowadays already video will attract more viewers than traditional photos. With smaller drones people will even show the inside of the house. The image will be so stable because of the quality of the drone.

I can imagine new film directors will be born, when people will get creational with their drones and quality of the image of the drone will be superb.

There are so many ways in which Foldable drones are an advantage to people. People will get more creative with videos and photos, because the Foldable drone gives so many possibilities and is so easy to carry with you.