QI have questions about how to use CFLY products. Where can I get support?
AYou can follow our Facebook Page and send messages to us and we'll reply as soon as we can.
QWhat kind of SD card can Dream/Faith/SmartPro support?
ASupport maximum 32GB capacity; require Class 10 (and above) or UHS-1 rating Micro SD ™ card
QWhat are the C-FLY APP requirements for cellphones?
ABoth Android and iPhone are compatible if the system for Android is 5.0 or above, for IOS is 9.0 or above.
QWhat is the battery charging time of Dream/Faith/SmartPro? And their controllers?
AFor battery, Dream: about 1.5h; Faith: about 4.5h; SmartPro: about 3.5h. All of their controllers have about 1.5h time of charge and about 4h time of use.
QHow to fly Dream/Faith/Smart Pro properly?
A1. Please ensure your flight is in an open area without barriers and signal interference and crowds nearby. Please use beginner mode with GPS positioning if you are the first time to fly a drone. Please check the Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines for more information. 2. Please carefully read the Operation Manual and be familiar with the related functions and operations, ensure all parts of your drone are intact and well installed before each flight, and carefully control your drone during flight.
QHow to start Dream/Faith/Smart Pro properly?
AEnsure all parts of your drone are intact and well installed before each flight. 1. Power on the controller. 2. Power on the aircraft. Wait until the rear light of the aircraft turns flashing green or solid green which indicates that the remote control and the aircraft are successfully paired. 3. Connect the controller WiFi on your phone. 4. Open CFLY APP and the APP will recognize the drone automatically(if not, exit APP and close its background process and restart it). 5. Unlock the aircraft and control the aircraft slowly takeoff.
QWhat is the wind resistance level of Faith/Dream/SmartPro?
AThe aircraft's wind resistance ability is related to the size and power, etc. of the aircraft. When the wind is too strong, unexpected accidents may occur, and the quality of the aircraft's shooting may also be affected. SmartPro has better wind resistance up to Force 5, but it is still recommended to use your aircraft in no wind/less wind weather for safe flight and better aerial photography experience. As for Faith/Dream, it is advised to fly them under ≤6m/s wind speed condition.
QWhat size of cellphone can the controller's phone clamp hold?

The phone clamp has a thickness of 6.5-8.5 mm and a maximum length of 80 mm, which supports nearly all cellphones on the market.

QCan Dream/Faith/SmartPro carries loads and what is the load?
ANo. Our product is designed to be portable and relatively lightweight which cannot carry extra loads. To ensure safe flight and steady flight time, please don't use the aircraft to carry loads.